Shameless Self Promoting

21 Nov

As the PR Director/Marketing Director/Tech Goddess/Helper Extraordinaire you would think I’ve got the self promoting thing DOWN! Unfortunately my life is just too busy to get around to talking about how awesome we are constantly. I figure I can do one solid shameless self promotion post, and that will fill my quota for the next month!

I’ve made ZERO attempt to hide that this is a completely biased blog. We post helpful posts for the DAD community and for the diabetic community, however, that doesn’t mean we aren’t freaking amazing!


This is the heartbreaking image we have to see when we go searching shelters for the right dog!

We SAVE dogs, like SAVE them! From uncertain future and sometimes certain death! We pull them from shelters to train them to be the coolest dogs in the world. That’s not even us being arrogant, that is the truth. And by us saving a dog, we also make a space for another dog to take it’s place, sometimes saving THAT dogs life. It’s a vicious cycle. Because we rescue dogs from shelters, we get to start with dogs that we already know their temperament! WOOHOO! Think of the possibilities! A) Less “puppy failures” because we already know these dogs are kick butt. B) These dogs are like 2 years old, which means we save expenses not having to hire puppy raisers…saving YOU money. C) Shelter dogs are freaking cute.


Jackson on the day we chose him to be trained as a DAD for a young girl in Colorado!

We have 3 of the biggest hearted folks in the world at the top of our organization. Allow me to share with you an excerpt from the newest member of the Heads Up Hounds family, Amy.

 They are acutely aware how important the bond is between the DAD and the diabetic and they don’t want to do anything to impede the process.  I see the tears in Joe’s eyes and I know it hurts him to let Enzo go.  I hear the click-click-click of Shelby’s camera as she takes photo after photo.  I notice she pauses briefly to wipe away a tear.  Heads Up Hounds is an exceptional group of people.  The love they have for the dogs they rescue is so very apparent.  They took Enzo from a shelter where his future was uncertain.  They trained him to be obedient and well-mannered.  They worked diligently with him to recognize and alert to high and low blood sugars pertaining only to MY body chemistry.  They gave up countless hours of sleep in training him to do night alerts so I can sleep peacefully protected.  They gave him a purpose and a job.

To read more from Amy check out her blog! She writes so beautifully!

We don’t just train a dog for someone and send them out into the world with questions. We make sure we have thoroughly answered anything they need to know. We make sure they are comfortable with their diabetic alert dog. We make sure we are available to them for the rest of their DAD’s life, and hopefully the DAD after that! These people become our family. Our wacky, spread out, lovely-all-the-same family!


Enzo and Amy and Enzo’s trainer, Joe!

Have I mentioned yet how insanely affordable our diabetic alert dogs are? Most companies are at 15k, 20k, even 25k. We are so far below market value because we start our training when they are full grown! So much of that $20,000 is expenses from when the puppy was born. A lot of companies SWEAR by $2,000 “imprinted” puppies, however, there is zero scientific evidence to even suggest that these dogs are more competent than any other dog that is properly scent trained!


Just you know, hanging out during his training in a home setting!


I almost forgot to mention that all of our dogs are trained in a home setting!  With overly excited running children, oodles of cats, and tempting food on tables.


Oh how did that get there? I’m just going to leave this insanely adorable photo of a 3 legged kitten here.

Our dogs are awesome, we are awesome, and our recipient families are AWESOME! /shameless-self-promoting


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